About Us


                                       We are your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE……

About us

IM Webframes, is an independent specialist consulting agency/ company that provide its clients with the best of the solutions for all kinds of business related problems. Every problem has a solution and every challenge is an opportunity. So make sure that you have us to find that solution in the problem and mobilise that challenge into a golden opportunity.

 What is so special about us?

We give you precision in achieving the targets along with regular feedback on how the solutions provided by us are performing, allowing you to adapt and fine-tune the campaigns as needed to have maximum impact.

We shall provide you Solid Strategic Solutions. These solutions will be based on insights of the industries. These insights would be based on regular and intensive research conducted by professionals accompanied with our knowledge, skills and sense of the market. Our experts work day and night to trace these insights closely and accurately. These insights has the tendency to generate a new consumer market for you or open up a new demographic irrespective of the medium in which they will be acted are coupled with tailored strategic advice that is backed by our knowledge, skills and expertise.

We give you what you need and that is a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

Our Mantra:

                                     EXHIBIT…… EXCITE……. ENGAGE….

Today is the era in which marketing is not restricted to make someone shed money from his/her pocket on your product. Marketing is beyond a mere transaction and it has reached to a level which can be named as Brand Customer Relationship.

Consumer Relationship is the key to be on the top in your industry. The marketer needs to create a relationship between your brand and your targeted consumer; a bond that reaps into profits and brand capitalisation for the company. This is the marketing we here intent to practice. You should be able to make your customer speak your brand and not the product category for eg Colgate (brand) for Toothpaste( product category) and Surf( brand) for Detergent( product category). Such is the impact we strive to achieve when we work with you as your consulting and acting partners.

To achieve this, we have derived our mantra after gradual online and offline research that firstly, one needs to exhibit his piece of communication to its target audience in a very thought through manner keeping in mind the demographics, psychographics and geographics of the targeted audience.

They say there is a right time for everything and first impression is the last impression. For us every impression is as important as the first impression because we understand that with every bit of communication passed from the company’s side to the stakeholders is a communication from a brand to its stakeholders and it has an lasting impact which has a major bearing on brand building of the company. So it becomes extremely vital for us to ensure that right kind of communication is being passed to the right kind of person in the right kind of environment. This will ensure that the target audience gets excited as it helps in generating an interest in their mind towards our communication. The communication sent in such fashion will surely elicit response. The response would be an interest and excitement about the brand which ultimately leads to grabbing the mindshare of the customers and in turn engagement with the brand. The relationship will start building gradually through this engagement will give you and your consumer market which is a brad loyalist market.

We achieved mindshare, moneyshare of the customer through the mantra of  EXHIBIT…… EXCITE……. ENGAGE….